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Talon Falls | Paducah, KY

Book an Escape Room

Real Live Escape Rooms

The creators of Talon Falls Screampark are proud to present a new concept of interactive entertainment… A real-life escape experience!

On Saturdays please be aware when booking there is a 4 people min. to play any games or if you have less than 4 people you may be playing with other parties.

Get Out within 60 Minutes

Talon Falls Escape is a real-world adventure game which simulates online room escape games.

Pick your themed room, perhaps something creepy or something more family-friendly, and gather a group of up to 10 players. Once the door closes, you have 60 minutes to collect the clues, solve the puzzles, and find your way out. It’s a real race against time at at our Talon Falls escape rooms!

What it Takes

It requires observation, teamwork, creativity, communication, and courage. Talon Falls offers an alternative form of entertainment. Gather friends and family and make plans to escape to Talon Falls for an all new adventure!